Danielle’s Statement to Voters

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Danielle’s Statement to Voters

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Dear neighbor,

Below we are posting a column that I recently submitted to the Main Street Journal. Unfortunately, the column was not posted, so I am publishing my unedited statement for the voters to access. I will continue to update the website with my thoughts as the campaign moves forward and hope you will return often to read about my thoughts, our accomplishments and our goals for the future.  Thank you for your time!


Statement to Voters

Recently, I accepted an offer to meet with the author, editor and publisher of this publication.  Prior to this meeting, I had refused to answer his questions of me on many issues as I felt he had previously, and for the entirety of my career, misrepresented my submissions thereto.  We have agreed to put the past behind us for the betterment of community and he has agreed to print what I submit to him verbatim.  As long as this practice continues, I will continue to submit content.

To the heart of the issue is the previous coverage of election season.  I am happy to take this opportunity to inform the voters on the many achievements we have had this session and our plans for the future.  The contrast between me my opponents is stark.  I have proven legislative and budgetary success, they make pie in the sky promises.

I have worked with state and local leaders to create economic development opportunities and hundreds of jobs with a bill to allow the modernization of liquor licenses in Westborough to keep up with their booming business community.  We have worked with Marlborough and her employees to bring union rules into the 21st century and make it less difficult to promote public safety officials to higher ranks.  We have worked with residents of Northborough to bring sound barriers to protect residents who abut I-290 from growing noise pollution and environmental hazards.  

This session I was appointed Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Education.  In that role we have committed to increased local education funding as well as an overhaul of the way we spend money to educate our students pre-K through higher ed.  As a member of the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development, I was proud to support an economic development bill that will invest millions in infrastructure, create new tax incentive programs for employers and create thousands of jobs across the Commonwealth.  Marlborough, Northborough and Westborough continue to be at the forefront of job creation and we will continue our efforts in that arena.  Additionally, we passed a pay equity bill to ensure men and women receive the equal pay for equal work.

I was the proud supporter of ground breaking legislation that will lead the nation in how we face the growing scourge of opiate addiction.  Over the years, we have made Massachusetts number one in veterans’ services and this session we continued that commitment by passing legislation that would create tax credits, housing benefits and education credits for those who have served our country.

I am proud to have been able to call the 4th Middlesex home for my entire life.  I attended public schools here and I purchased my home here.  My relationships in the Legislature over the past years have given me the ability to deliver time and time again for my neighbors.  I look forward to using future columns to discuss specific issues of local importance such as the gasoline release on Bolton Street.  In a time when so much is at stake, voters have a choice between experienced leadership and starting from ground zero.  I humbly ask you to join me in continuing the work we have started together and I ask for your support and your vote on Thursday, September 8th.


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