Setting the record straight: Danielle in her own words

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Setting the record straight: Danielle in her own words

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Dear voters,

During this campaign I have knocked on thousands of doors and attended countless community events.  The one thing that has become clear is that you are sick of the negativity and money in politics and frankly, so am I.  I have spoken to you about the record investments in our communities, our schools and our transportation infrastructure.  I have spoken to you about creating jobs and growing our economy and I have spoken to you about ensuring that government works FOR you, and our work to minimize fraud and abuse in the Department of Transitional Assistance and the Department of Children and Families.  And I have spoken to you about a commitment to our growing numbers of senior citizens.

I have kept to my record and the things I have delivered for our communities such as:

  • $5Million for the re-design of the 495/290 interchange,
  • $15,000 for a school drug education program,
  • $50,000 for a food safety program,
  • a bill allowing the town of Westborough to parcel and dispose of the former State Hospital land for the benefit of town residents,
  • two bills allowing Northborough to better control their finances through the use of insurance proceeds, and
  • a bill creating a revolving fund for parks and recreation in Marlborough.

During this session we delivered a bi-partisan gun bill that was endorsed by the Gun Owners Action League and victims rights groups alike.  We passed a groundbreaking economic development bill that will continue our job creation efforts.  We passed a domestic violence prevention bill that will protect residents from harmful predators.  In Massachusetts, our bond rating is the highest in the nation, we have the lowest unemployment rate and the highest minimum wage.

Despite all of these accomplishments and more, I have repeatedly come under attack from the ultra-right wing conservative tea party, and its time I set the record straight on what they’re saying about me.

No to Gas Tax
They say I voted for the gas tax.  My opponent bases his argument on votes I took on several amendments to a tax bill.  I voted against proposed amendments eliminating individual taxes from that bill because I never had the intention of voting for the bill.  I did not vote for this bill.  My opponent’s relentless insistence that amendment votes trump votes on underlying bills is either malicious misrepresentation of my record for his own personal political gain or a representation that he grossly misunderstands the process through which laws are actually made.  Or both.

Preferential Treatment for Veterans
They say I voted to put illegal immigrants above veterans for housing preference.  This could not be further from the truth.  This year, the Legislature debated AND PASSED Valor Act II, which renewed our commitment to service members as they return from deployment and age in our communities.  It provides job and educational opportunities, tax incentives, licensure exemptions, home modification programs and healthcare for those who have put the lives on the line for ours.  As the daughter and granddaughter of veterans, I am appalled that my opponent would try to use those who have served our country as political pawns.  During that debate, an amendment was offered that would have inserted immigration policy into our Veterans’ bill and the vote that was taken simply disallowed debate on that amendment at that time as it was not germane to the underlying discussion.

Record Amounts of Local Aid
They say I voted against an increase in local aid.  Our community elected officials and school leaders know that what we did in fact deliver was a record amount of local aid and education funding.  As a body, the House of Representatives committed to an early local aid resolution prior to budget debate so as to allow cities and towns to budget what they would receive.  Weeks later, during the budget debate, an amendment was offered to add more money over and above what had been committed.  The authors of that amendment offered no source for the funds and it would have been irresponsible to promise communities additional funding over the record amounts we had already agreed to, when we had no idea where we’d get the money.

Transparent Views and Voting
They say I’m against transparency in government.  Every single committee I sit on has open public meetings and our votes are available to the public.  Additionally, in this past session, the Legislature voted to put ALL of our state’s finances online for any member of the public to view.  I have office hours in each of the communities I represent and my personal cell phone number has been on every piece of campaign literature and mail I have ever distributed.  It doesn’t get much more transparent than that and while we may need to work more on our communication and how we make information available to residents, I think I’ve proven that I’m not trying to hide anything.

The bottom line is this: my opponent has been on the City Council for five years and he has NOT ONE accomplishment to show for it.  He repeatedly abstains from votes, he misses committee and community meetings and while he claims to be the only anti-tax candidate in the race, I am the only candidate to have taken an anti-tax vote this session.

Economic Development and Historic Preservation
They say I took a vote that would hand a Billion taxpayer dollars to the City of Boston to fund the expansion of the Boston Convention Center.  False.  The vote I took allows the City of Boston to finance that expansion.  All of the risk is on the City and the Commonwealth as a whole will reap the rewards.  Marlborough is home to more hotel rooms than any other city or town in Massachusetts, save Boston and we will be directly financially impacted in the positive when this project is complete.  As far as the renovations to the Governor’s office, this is a necessary historical preservation project.  Our State House is the oldest continually operating governmental body in the country and to literally let the floor of history cave in would be pennywise and pound foolish.  A systematic renovation of the State House is needed and this is step one to ensuring that this building remains safe and accessible to the PUBLIC.  Additionally it is worth noting that both of the above mentioned votes were nearly unanimous with overwhelming BIPARTISAN support, only 2 members of the 160 member House voting against.

Dedicated Public Official
I have been an active, dedicated public official for the 4th Middlesex and my agenda is driven by the communities I represent, not by partisan politics.  I am proud of all that I have accomplished in the last 18 months and I look forward to continuing to work with you over the next two years to build on the progress we’ve made.  I urge you to contact me directly if you have ANY questions or concerns about anything that’s been raised during this campaign and I respectfully ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 4th.

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